We currently offer 2 selection of short courses that focuses on specific popular themes:

  1. Traditional Malay / Muslimah Fashion Dressmaking Short Course
  2. Contemporary Fashion Dressmaking Short Course

This is a part-time programme offered to individuals who want to experience a potential vocation in fashion or to pursue fashion as a hobby and past-time. This programme is also suitable as an exploratory opportunity to discover whether fashion can be more than a passing interest. Participants in our short courses are exposed to fast dressmaking skills and focuses on delivering the practical knowledge to create and recreate specific designs within the specialisation.

Classes are conducted twice weekly and reinforces on practical skills. Participants will be exposed to basic dressmaking skills and quick adaptation methods for the specific designs taught in the specialisation of choice.

For the Traditional Malay and Muslimah option, the programme will expose students to learning the basics and intermediary skills to create and adapt for 5 different popular traditional wear. This includes the Baju Kurung, Baju Kebaya, Jubah,

For the Contemporary Fashion option, we will teach students the basics of modern wear such as trousers, blouse, skirt, shirt and simple jacket designs.